SSD VS HDD Reliability


Storage media is getting more important now. It has used for many things such as saving music, video or data. To fulfill this necessity, storage media is growing into the varied form. Each form uses the different technology inside. But talking about the big size storage, the choice will always be related with SSD or HDD. But which one to choose? Before making any decision, this is important to know the different between SSD VS HDD Reliability. From here, you can see the reliability level of those storage media and know what to choose.

SSD VS HDD Reliability

In this time, HDD and SSD is nonvolatile. But talking about the storage technology, there is some difference on it. Hard drive uses metal plate with the magnetic coating. In here, data will be saved on the magnetic coat itself. Unlike HDD, SSD does not use magnetic coat on the platter to save the data. It stores the data on the interconnected flash memory chips. But flash memory on SSD is different from the flash memory on the USB drive. The different is located at the type and the speed of the flash memory.

Talking about the reliability, SSD is better. It stores the data faster and protect it well. Thanks to the flash memory, SSD is more impact resistant. This is why SSD looks more popular for the enterprise, especially for the serious usage.

The other difference between SSD and HDD is about the price. SSD is more expensive actually. Beside it, the memory capacity is generally much smaller than HDD too.

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Well-built and the fast writing and reading speed are the good thing from SSD. Although it has the expensive price, the reliability is much better than HDD. With the great durability, SSD can be the best long term storage media. When it talks about the reliability, SSD is the winner of this comparison.

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