SSD VS HDD Power Consumption


Finding the right storage media can be difficult. With the variety of the storage media, people can get more options for sure. But when you are looking for the reliable and power economy storage media, the consideration must be made carefully. For big data storage, course you will consider between SSD and HDD. But to know about what choose, this is also important to know about the comparison of SSD VS HDD power consumption.

SSD VS HDD Power Consumption

SSD and HDD was designed for the same purpose, but both of them uses the different technology inside. While SSD uses interconnected flash memory to save the data, HDD uses metal plate with the magnetic coating. This is why HDD looks more fragile lack in performance. Beside it, HDD is noisy and result vibration too. In SSD, you will never face this condition.

Talking about the power consumption, SSD is more economic. The averages is 2 up to 3 watts. This is lower than HDD which has averages 6 up to 7 watts. With the lower power, SSD allows the battery life to boost up to 30 minutes.

The performance of SSD is much better than HDD. To boot up operating system, SSD can do it only in 22 seconds. In the other side, HDD takes 40 seconds for this. SSD can write and read the data faster too. More than it, it is also featured by Full Disk Encryption for security. When it talks about the price, SSD is much more expensive.

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SSD and HDD are the popular storage media right now. But talking about the reliability and the power consumption, SSD is the winner. Maybe it looks bad on the price, but it is worth it. For the enterprise and the serious data storage, SSD is still the best. If you are looking for the reliable and the low power storage media, SSD can be the good consideration.

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