SanDisk X400 Vs X300


Most probably, you are already familiar with the name SanDisk. The brand is extremely famous all around the world. SanDisk is primarily known to produce high-quality storage devices, from memory cards to flash disk drives. So, now, if you are looking for a high-performance yet affordable SSD device, there is a good chance that you end up considering a SanDisk model like SanDisk X300 and SanDisk X400. These two models seem to be identical and are priced in a similar price range. SanDisk X400 is usually a little bit pricier than SanDisk X300, but the price difference is very marginal. Which one should you get?


In terms of design, SanDisk X300 and SanDisk X400 are greatly identical to each other. Both models come with the ultra-compact 2.5-inch small form factor. With a thickness of barely 7.0 mm, you can easily install either SSD easily on your personal computer. Limited space should never be an issue. Each model comes with a black body, with the SanDisk logo written in red and the name of the model written in white. Well, they look rather plain, but you don’t really need your SSD to be all fancy and shiny, do you? Both SanDisk X300 and SanDisk X400 come with the SATA 6 Gbps interface. They each are available in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB capacity choices. Both models are built for high-grade reliability; they are rugged and durable, and they can last as long as you don’t blast them with a nuclear or such. They also have very low power consumption, making them very cost-efficient in the long run.

What primarily differs SanDisk X300 and SanDisk X400 is their performance. As a newer model, SanDisk X400 comes with newer and improved technologies that make it better than SanDisk X300. Previously, SanDisk X300 is relying on TLC NAND Flash technology. The overall read and write speeds are actually already excellent. However, SanDisk X400 has been upgraded with nCache 2.0 that allows better and more efficient caching for improved data access speed. In general usage, the improvement may not be very noticeable, but having a faster SSD is always a good thing. In addition, SanDisk X400 also comes with TCG Opal 2.0 support for self-encryption, which makes it very secure and reliable.

SanDisk X400 Vs X300

SanDisk X400SanDisk X300
Key Features- For products built around high capacities and thin form factor - Responsiveness, reliability, and low power for the way consumers wor - nCache 2.0 technology means better performance for professionals and enthusiasts - Ultra-durable systems with high-grade endurance - TCG Opal 2.0 Support- Cache 2.0 - improves user responsiveness by supporting SLC cache and high productivity use cases - Data Guard Client - improves the reliability of the drive and incorporates a robust error handling mechanism that provides a last line of data protection - Low power with DEVSLP support and Instant Go compatibility

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As the conclusion, you should choose SanDisk X400. It comes with newer technologies for improved performance. Also, it comes with self-encryption support, allowing you to store sensitive data securely and reliably.

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