SanDisk SSD Plus Vs Samsung 850 Evo

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On the following article, we are going to compare SanDisk SSD Plus and Samsung 850 Evo. With the rising popularity of SSD as the primary data storage for computers, people begin to upgrade their systems by replacing their old HDDs with new SSDs. Thanks to the advancement of technology, many SSDs are now available at more affordable prices. SanDisk SSD Plus is one of these models that offer budget friendliness. Meanwhile, Samsung 850 Evo is quite considerably pricey, but it is famous for its superb performance. Which product should you purchase? Let us compare the two!

SanDisk SSD Plus Vs Samsung 850 Evo

Perhaps one of the most important thing about SSD is the performance. We upgrade our rigs because we are seeking better performance. SanDisk SSD Plus had an adequate performance, comparable to most other SSD products on the market right now, with up to 520MB/s and 400MB/s for sequential read and write operations. On the other hand, Samsung 850 Evo has gained a lot of praise by featuring up to 540MB/s and 520MB/s for sequential read and write operations. It also boasts exceptional speeds of 98K and 90K IOPS for random read and write operations. In fact, Samsung 850 Evo is even faster than most SSD products on the market. (See also: SanDisk Extreme Pro Vs Samsung 850 Evo)

Like other data storage devices, heat often becomes an issue as well with SSDs. SanDisk SSD Plus has a decent temperature tolerance that it can operate well for long heavy-duty sessions. However, Samsung 850 Evo boasts the Dynamic Thermal Guard Protection feature, which constantly monitors and maintains the ideal temperature for the SSD to operate optimally. The feature can automatically throttle down temperatures when a threshold is passed. Thus, Samsung 850 Evo can have a consistent performance, safe from overheat problems.

We have mentioned before that Samsung 850 Evo is armed with a temperature throttling capability. Besides that, it is also armed with built-in AES 256-bit hardware encryption to ensure the integrity and safety of your sensitive data and information. It is also given RAPID mode for a boosted performance by using unused computer memory as a high-speed cache. SanDisk SSD Plus lacks these features.

Capacity Choices
SanDisk SSD Plus is available in three capacities: 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB. On the other hand, Samsung 850 Evo can give you more options, as it is available in 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB.

SanDisk SSD Plus Vs Samsung 850 Evo

SanDisk SSD PlusSamsung 850 Evo
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If you have a limited budget but need an SSD as soon as possible, you can get a fair trade from SanDisk SSD Plus. It is affordable, yet with a pretty good performance. However, for the best value, you should opt for Samsung 850 Evo, which is much faster and more reliable!

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