Sandisk Extreme 500 Vs Samsung T3

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In recent years, SSD (Solid State Drive) that exist in the market already more and more to offer. Even SSDS available today has been divided into several classes, ranging from the SSD for low-end, mid-range to high-end prices are increasingly affordable. In General, the use of SSD is indeed arguably has managed to become one of the solutions in the increased performance on the PC desktop or laptop, either. But with so many choices of SSD on the market today, then we must be meticulous in choosing, therefore we present offers a choice of 2 renowned SSD from the Sandisk Extreme 500 vs Samsung T3. How the review will be shown? Furthermore there are below.

sandisk extreme 500 vs samsung t3

Sandisk Extreme 500
Large portable SSD 500 Extreme SanDisk is not up to half of your Smartphone, and 4 x faster than hard drive portabel1. Worked in seconds, transfer large video and photo libraries with speeds reaching 430 MB/detik2 speed could be just wishful thinking hard drive portable. Designed to be sturdy and stylish, these drives are very dense and present without moving parts that may be damaged. Solid state technology offers high-performance storage that is reliable and responsive for the photographer and videographer that aim and carry so many large media files. If you do care about what you do every day, making Extreme 500 SanDisk as a portable storage drive will give you many benefits. SanDisk Extreme 500 portable SSD is very small at once very large size with some square inch portable storage available in 120 GB, 240 GB, and 480 GB3 for professional media while the road. SanDisk Extreme portable SSD 500 designed to be tough facing shocks, vibration, and temperature extremes. The software SanDisk SecureAccess ™ encryption using 128-bit3 to secure those files private from people who were curious.

Samsung T3
Portable SSD of Samsung T3, with no moving parts, that hold the metal frame shaking lasting drops to 198.12 cm, and built-in AES 256 bit encryption hardware, SSD offers complete data protection from the inside out. Designed for today’s mobile lifestyle, the Samsung portable SSD T3 offers storage capacity up to 2 TB on a Palm-size design, making it easy to pick up all of your important files with you. A strong urge offers blazing-fast transfer speeds of up to 450 MB/s * for up to 4 x the speed of traditional 6.35 cm portable hard drive (HDD). This SSD can also be compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Android devices, too. You can also use the SSD T3 with other devices that support older USB 2.0 port using the included USB type C to type A USB. Moreover, the Samsung portable SSD T3 using Samsung NAND 3D vertical (v-nand) technology to increase density, performance, and efficiency while creating smaller footprints. This revolutionary vertical design allows the SSD T3 to store large amounts of data on the drive that ECE could fit in the Palm of your hand. (Take a look : Samsung T3 Vs T1)

Sandisk Extreme 500 Vs Samsung T3

Sandisk Extreme 500Samsung T3
Key Features- High-speed storage for high res photos, videos and files - Transfers files at blazingly fast speeds - Compact and shock-resistant - SanDisk Secure Access software encrypts private files- Portable Design with Internal SSD-level Performance - Superfast Read-Write Speeds of up to 450 MB/s - Shock Resistant & Secure Encryption - Compatible with PC, Mac, & Android OS

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While the compact size of Samsung T3 versus SanDisk Extreme 500 are the same, but Extreme 500 portable SSD designed the shape like a square while the T3 is rectangular in shape and also both models are equally slim. However, the performance of the Extreme 500 model is poorer than the Samsung T3 model. Four capacities available in T3 model while the Extreme 500 has three size capacities. Well, we think that is all the conclusion about Sandisk Extreme 500 vs Samsung T3.

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