HDD, SSD and RAM Disk are needed and used in computers. Amongst the three of them, HDD is the least satisfying leaving two more options. RAM Disk vs. SSD is certainly intriguing especially for PC users who care about speed. That’s the beginning of the new comparison between the two.

RAM Disk Vs SSD 1

RAM Disk will be a very nice option because it is actually faster than SSD which makes it the fastest amongst the three choices. RAM Disk will read and write faster than an SSD. However, RAM Disk has several flaws. There will be the inherently volatile random access to the memory and storage capacity will be very limited. The disk might as well make the startup as well as shutdown times slower.


SSD is a refined drive for computers. The speed is without a doubt very fast albeit not faster than the RAM Disk. When being used, the solid state drive will enhance the overall performance of a PC. Certainly, it won’t be as fast as the RAM Disk but will improve the speed without consuming the memory space.

RAM Disk Vs SSD 2

Obviously, both of RAM Disk and SSD have flaws and good things. RAM Disk will be perfect for the PC users who demand faster speed and don’t really mind with the storage capacity and the loading time being reduced. However, if PC users want the more efficient and better experience, SSD will become a great thing.

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One more thing that can be used to consider which one to be purchased between RAM Disk and SSD is the price. SSD is good and efficient but also expensive. Meanwhile, RAM Disk is not as expensive and even affordable. So, RAM Disk is a really good item as replacement for the more efficient SSD. The people who can’t afford SSD can use RAM Disk and get fast speed.

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