Owc SSD Vs Samsung SSD

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Solid State Disk is a data storage device using a series of IC as the memory used to store data or information. General SSD use so-called NAND-based flash memory. This is a type of Non-Volatile memory but, it is different with hard-disk because, it is a more simple thing than those. Simply put, Non-Volatile means the memory stick can store data even though its turned off the supply voltage. On this occasion, we will do a review about 2 SSD though other brands have not been famous enough in the market. They are the Owc and Samsung. Which Solit State Disk are the most toned? The answer lies in the sentences below :

Owc SSD Vs Samsung SSD

The Specifications
If the views of its specifications, the manufacturer of immersing his controller named Samsung MGX Controller. It seems it does have the advantages of being able to present the tested performance of the Read and Write speed of about 540 MB/s and 520 MB/s on the NAND flash used, Samsung SSD 850 EVO apparently rely on NAND flash 2D planar type TLC, not the latest NAND flash, namely 3D V-NAND. In addition, Samsung also complement this new SSD with a variety of features like TRIM, Garbage Collection, S.M.A.R.T, Device Sleep and AES 256-bit encryption. By using the SATA interface 3 (6 GB/s), the Samsung 750 series SSD promising EVO has a MTBF over 1.5 million hours and warranty for 3 years.

While Owc features the SandForce SF-2281 processor and Intel/Micron 25nm asynchronous NAND which combine with a SATA 6Gb/s interface to deliver sequential reads up to 556MB/s and writes up to 523MB/s. The SSD Electra slots into an increasingly crowded space of mainstream SSDs. SSDs using the SF-2281 and asynchronous NAND include the OCZ Agility 3, Patriot Wildfire and Corsair Force 3; the first two of which will be compared against the Electra in this review. Our OWC Electra review model is the 240GB capacity, but OWC also offers 120GB and 480GB options as well. The Electra also qualifies for OWC’s 30-day money-back guarantee and is assembled in the US.

Some Pros and Cons
The Packaging on Samsung SSD 850 EVO is very simple, The product is existed completely on Samsung’s original sites such as installation book that you can get it freely and Samsung Data Migration and Magician Software, security and easy features, and good performances on this SSD. The 850 EVO reads, writes and multi-tasks at incredible speeds, enhancing boot-up speed, application loading and multi-tasking performance. It’s more than an upgrade, it’s a complete transformation of your PC. The packaging of OWC SSD is successfully make you ensure that all of your data from your Mac is backed up. You can install OWC’s SSD in less than 15 minutes with the help of OWC’s handy step-by-step videos, If you opted for the SSD Upgrade package, you’ll also receive an Envoy Pro drive enclosure. This drive enclosure allows you to repurpose the stock SSD that you removed from your MacBook upon upgrade.

Owc SSD Vs Samsung SSD

Owc SSDSamsung SSD
Key Features- Compatible with nearly any Mac or PC with a Serial ATA connection (SATA, SATA 2.0, or SATA 3.0) - One of the fastest internal SATA 2.5" 7mm SSDs available - Ultra-efficient block management & wear leveling- Incredible Sequential Read/Write Performance : Up to 540MB/s and 520MB/s Respectively,and Random Read/Write IOPS Performance : Up to 97K and 88K Respectively

Customer Rating4.6 out of 5.0 stars4.8 out of 5.0 stars
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Since the using of SSD from OWC and Samsung are totally different where OWC is made for MAC book and Samsung is made for others type beside Apple. The speed from each SSD is also almost similar, both of them are up to 540 Mbps. Are you a MAC users? Choose a better OWC’s SSD product but if you are not then you must choose Samsung although there are many kinds of other SSD outside.

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