Intel 530 Vs 730

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The Intel 530 series is a series of 14 SSDs, that range from 80GB to 480GB, released amidst 2013. The models differ in storage capacity, form factor( 2.5 inch SATA, 80mm SATA and PCIe module mSATA) and read/write speeds. The Intel 730 series is a series of 2.5 inch SSDs 240GB and 480GB, launched at the beginnings of 2014. The models only differ in storage capacity and write speed. Read also : Samsung 840 Evo Vs Intel 530.

Intel 530 Vs 730

If you are looking for a 90mm SATA or a pcie module mSATA, then you are limited to buying a 530 series SSD, as the 730 series only offer 2.5 inch SSD. With that in mind, the following is a detailed comparison between the 2.5 inch 240GB/480GB Intel 530 vs 730.

The main difference between the 530 and the 730 240GB model is the random reading speed, the 730 is more than 100% faster when reading non-sequential bits of memory, even though they read sequential memory at the same speed.Something to have into account is that the 530 series has a faster sequential write speed. Although, as an end user, if you don’t know how it affects you, it probably doesn’t affect you.Another small difference is the latency, although very small in both, the 530 models have an 80’s read delay, and an 85’s write delay. While the 730 models have a 50’s read delay and a 60’s write delay.The next important difference is the price, the 530 240GB costs 164$, while the 730 costs 224$. The 480GB 530 model costs 319$ while the 730 model costs 439$. So it’s a 37% price difference.

So the 730 is better than the 530 for random reading, the 530 is better for sequential writing, and they are the same for random writing and sequential reading.What all of this means is that if you are concerned with your SSD for quickly loading video games, or any other program that often opens big files regularly, there won’t be a noticeable difference in that respect.

Intel 530 Vs 730

Intel 530Intel 730
Key Features- SATA Drive Interface - Boost your PC to the next level in storage performance and reliability - 5 Year Warranty- Limited 5 year Intel Warranty - 20nm MLC - Performance in a Flash

Available : 120 GB, 180 GB, 240 GB, 360 GB, 480 GB

Available : 240 GB, 480 GB.

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However, the 730 is vastly superior for searching , OS operations and opening up any kind of small program.Unluckily, the operations the 730 is better in, comprise more than 90% of the common SSD operations, so it will be easy to justify the 37% price increase. Regarding price, if you are a video gamer or a 3d modeller who will constantly be opening up big levels or big projects, and doing important operations from the RAM, then there isn’t a lot of difference in the Intel 530 vs 730 decision. So it might be wise to purchase the 530 and save a bit of money

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