Drevo x1 Vs 850 Evo


Choosing the best storage options for Upgrading Your laptop PC performance is not as easy as it looks. Whether you need a hard disk drive (HDD), solid state hard drive (SSD) or hard disk solid state hybrid (SSHD)? There are a number of important factors that should be considered, and there are none available solutions that always provides the best performance in each category. As the most important decision, you should choose the option that best meet your unique needs. For ONE SSD, this time we would recommend while comparing 2 different brand SSD but with almost the same shape. Its main purpose is to help you choose the SSD if you want to have one of them. This is Drevo 850 vs Evo x 1!

Drevo x1 Vs 850 Evo

Drevo x1
When you opened the packaging, the Drevo X1 is quite pleasing to the eye. It features a grey casing and again, we see the big yellow lightning bolt that appears to be giving off electricity. Also on the front, we can see the capacity of the SSD alongside the stated read and write speeds. Drevo x1 series is a SSD with available capacities in 60, 120, 240, and 480 GB. The speed of Read up to 500mbps until 550 mbps and write up to 90mbps until 470mbps. If these speeds are in fact achievable, which we will check in a bit, this will allow the X1 to be an all around good SSD. Having such speeds are essential for an SSD these days and the price point is right around where it should be. As with most SSD ranges, Drevo has included a few different sizes which can also have an impact on the overall read and write speeds. Generally speaking, the less space the SSD has to offer, the less performance it will offer as well.

Drevo 850 Evo
Samsung SSD 850 Evo series is available with capacity of 120 GB, 250GB, 500GB, and 1000GB. 850 EVO will come in 2TB capacity as well, but then Samsung chose against it due to limited demand. The 120GB, 250GB and 500GB models now come with a new generation of MGX and MGX controllers are dual core designs, while the MEX in the 1TB model (and 840 EVO & 850 Pro) has three Core R4 Core sleeves. 850 EVO also has a common set of Samsung features. DevSleep, hardware acceleration encryption (TCG Opal 2.0 & IEEE-1667) and quickly all supported. With the Samsung 850 Pro introduces a fast 2.0 that raises the maximum RAM allocation to 4GB. In fact, with the release of 4.5 wizards (included on CDs found in the retail package), quickly see an update to version 2.1, although this is just an incremental update with improved handling errors and fixed compatibility issues with Intel’s fast driver storage technology.

Drevo x1 Vs 850 Evo

Drevo x1Drevo 850 Evo
Key Features- Arm Your Desk with DREVO™: DREVO will constantly seek for the best solution to fulfill every user's requirement - Latest Upgrade: A thorough refinement from the old model. An improvement into every aspect that makes the best thing better. Read speed up to 560MB/S, write speed up to 500MB/S- Powered by Samsung V-NAND Technology. Optimized Performance for Everyday Computing - Incredible Sequential Read/Write Performance : Up to 540MB/s and 520MB/s Respectively,and Random Read/Write IOPS Performance : Up to 97K and 88K Respectively

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There is a certain reason to consider either The Drevo X1 and 850 Evo and we will discuss it one by one. One good thing you can get from 850 EVO that it is significantly higher capacity which is 500 GB vs 60GB (more than 8.2x higher capacity), too far right? while the Drevo X1 is also not aware of any important advantages of the Drevo X1 vs the 50 EVO.

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