Crucial MX300 Vs MX200


So, you have decided to get yourself a good yet reasonably priced SSD storage device. There are lots of choices available on the market, but Crucial have just released a new, cool SSD model, namely Crucial MX300. This new guy offers astonishing power effectiveness and efficiency. Yet, there is also Crucial MX200, the predecessor, available at a slightly lower price point. Hence, you are now wondering if you should pick Crucial MX200 or Crucial MX300. While choosing for the right SSD device may not be as easy as it sounds, you can ease yourself here because all the differences and comparisons are available to be read.


Capacity Choices
We will begin with the easy part: capacity choices. Of course, choosing the capacity depends on the purpose of the SSD and the budget planning, but the larger capacity is generally better. You will be able to use the SSD for a longer time until you run out of free space. Crucial MX200 is only available in three capacity choices: 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB. Meanwhile, Crucial MX300 comes in 275GB, 525GB, 1TB, and 2TB. As you can see, Crucial MX300 is available in a larger capacity (the 2TB variant). In addition, you should also note that the equivalent variants of Crucial MX300 are relatively larger than Crucial MX200 (i.e., 250GB vs. 275GB, 500GB vs. 525GB). With the extra space, you can save even more files – an extra 25GB is huge for storing documents, pictures, or some music tracks. (See also : Crucial MX300 Vs MX100)

Now, this is the most significant difference between Crucial MX200 and Crucial MX300. While Crucial MX200 was among the very best SSD models at the time of its release, Crucial MX300 has been improved much beyond. On paper, Crucial MX200 seems to have similar or even better speed compared to Crucial MX300. However, real tests have shown that Crucial MX300 is indeed faster and much more reliable, thanks to the Micron 3D NAND Technology, Dynamic Write Acceleration, and Momentum Cache. The sequential read/write speeds of Crucial MX300 are still similar to Crucial MX200, above 500+MBps for all file types, but the random read/write speeds have been significantly improved. In addition, while Crucial MX200 claims to be 2x more energy efficient than typical hard disk drives, Crucial MX300 boasts to be over 90x more efficient. Last but not least, both models come with built-in AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption for maximum security and protection.

Crucial MX300 Vs MX200

Crucial MX300Crucial MX200
Key Features- Sequential reads/writes up to 530 / 510 MB/s on all file types - Random reads/writes up to 92K / 83K on all file types - Over 90x more energy efficient than a typical hard drive - Accelerated by Micron 3D NAND technology - Dynamic Write acceleration delivers faster saves and file transfers- Best-in-class hardware encryption keeps data safe and secure - Sequential reads/writes up to 555 / 500 MB/s on all file types - Random reads/writes up to 100k / 87k IOPS on all file types Up to 5x more endurance and over 2x more energy efficient than a typical client SSD - Dynamic Write Acceleration delivers faster saves and file transfers

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Since the price difference is marginal, we recommend you to go with Crucial MX300! It has much-improved power efficiency, which means that it is less likely to drain down your laptop’s battery. It also has faster, more reliable performance.

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