Seagate 600 Vs Samsung 840

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You might be wondering between efficiency, speed, capacity and pricing which one between Seagate 600 Vs Samsung 840 is the finest? Well we have an exclusive comparison between the two ssd reviews from which you can make a decision to which one of the two suits you better.

Seagate 600 Vs Samsung 840

A Samsung 840 has a Sequential writing of (512 k) while Seagate has 510.27 MB/s, Random 4k access write time is considerably lower (234 ms), it has a high score in AS SSD which is 1,198 pts and a faster lens filter for Photoshop (56.6 s) which is nearly same as Seagate’s (57.9 s) . Furthermore it writes at a rate of 106.65Mb/s 4k which is approximately 85% faster compared to Seagate’s (57.79MB/s), has a bigger capacity (1,000 GB) which is 8.2 times higher in capacity while Seagate has a capacity of 120 GB , reading (4k) is (318.8 MB/s) whereas Seagate reads at 225.06 MB/s . It’s lighter with a weight of 53g and Seagate weighs at 77g. Not forgetting a score vantage for PCMark of 25,582 pts which is higher in comparison to Seagate’s and without forgetting a lower 0.78ms time for random access and reading.

A Seagate 600 has a lesser avg. rate of consuming power that is 2 W to 2.29 W and it boots – up faster in windows 7 (operating system) taking about 8.1 seconds to 9.3 seconds.

Seagate 600 Vs Samsung 840

Seagate 600Samsung 840 Series
Key Features- Upgrades existing laptops by replacing client 2.5-inch HDDs with fast, rugged client SSDs - Delivers nearly 4× faster boot times and more than 2× faster application load times when compared to typical laptop HDDs - Significantly reduces the amount of time end-users must wait before using their devices - No mechanical, moving parts helps ensure data stays safe even if laptop is dropped or bumped while operating - Supports SATA 6 Gb/s interface - The ultimate upgrade drive for road warriors, power users, executives and gamers?work and play faster- Optimized to improve everyday PC productivity, including web-browsing, email, multimedia and gaming - Enables you to boot up your computer in as little as 15 seconds - Energy efficient - improves battery life by up to 50 minutes - Solid-state design provides greater shock protection for data and brushed metal case blocks dust and corrosion - Worry-free data security with AES 256-bit full-disk encryption - 100-percent genuine Samsung components from the #1 memory manufacturer in the world - Backed by a three-year limited warranty - Superior multi-tasking performance with 4th-generation 3-Core Samsung MDX Controller

Available : 120 GB, 240 GB, 480 GB

Available : 120 GB, 250 GB, 500 GB

Customer Rating4.4 out of 5.0 stars4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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Samsung 840 wins since it contains a quick DRAM cache that offers users with a way of obtaining a high – end performance of (PCIe) SSD out of an affordable SATA drive. Samsung 840 has a bigger capacity compared to Seagate. This improves performance and consistency well experts on firmware from Samsung are ready to support. More so Samsung’s performance on booting in Windows 7 (operating system) is reputable despite Seagate’s price offers in its hard disks in-terms of capacity. Samsung uses a new mechanism called Turbo Write algorithm to accelerate writing and in achieving performance scores. Samsung’s PCIe splendid interface provides a spectacularly sequential performance which doesn’t work for unsystematic speed is acceptable for world usage of SSD.

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