Samsung 840 Evo Vs Intel 530

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With the increasing use of the internet and technological advancement, most of us are subjected to a number of inevitable benefits. Electronics are the most affected and are not exempted in the technology development. New brands are being manufactured every day, but vary both in prices and features. For such reasons, most of us are usually torn between several upcoming brands, and face a daunting process before selecting the ideal electronic. For instance, a lot of people do not know the best SSD when it comes to Samsung 840 EVO vs Intel 530. Both are closely related, more so if you compare their size in terms of space.

Samsung 840 Evo Vs Intel 530

Comparing Intel SSD 530 240 GB and Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250 GB, you will realize that they both vary when it comes to specs and features. The Samsung SSD 840 EVO of 250 GB can be considered as the fastest between the two while Intel SSD 530 of 240 GB is not that fast. However the speed does not matter as such since it is not probably noticeable.

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While Intel SSD 530 has reliable technology, Samsung SSD 840 EVO has less reliable technology. This enables the manufacturer to give it a five year warranty while the Samsung brand gets only three years. In terms of space, the only difference is 10 GB where Samsung contains 250 GB and Intel 240 GB.

Samsung 840 Evo Vs Intel 530

Samsung 840 EVOIntel 530
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There are a couple of factors you need to consider before committing yourself to one brand between the two. Apart from your taste and preference, other features and specs should play equal role. When doing a market research for Samsung 840 EVO vs Intel 530, make sure you are consulting reliable dealers who will offer genuine products. Intel 530 can be better than Samsung 840 EVO since it has reliable technology with a longer warranty that assures you top notch results. Despite having a slower speed, it is unnoticeable and the space difference is only 10 GB.

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