Kelmark GT

By | December 8, 2017

This 1979 Kelmark GT Mark II is a VW-powered fiberglass project cars and truck that has been with its present owner for 34 years. The GT was manufactured outside of Lansing, Michigan, and was readily available in a range of set or completely constructed types in the 1980s and 1970s. This example is developed on a VW Beetle chassis and 1500cc drivetrain, and has invested the last 26 years in covered indoor storage. The vehicle is largely total and presents well from the outdoors, but is not presently running. Extensive deterioration exists below and will have to be attended to. The sale consists of some early records and a Wisconsin title.

At 72 inches, the GT’s fiberglass body was 5 inches larger than the Ferrari 246 GTS upon which its design was loosely based. The automobile was associated with two collisions within its first 10 years, with quality repair work supposedly performed by Kelmark in the back and a Menominee Falls hot rod shop in the front. Non-functional front bumperettes were removed throughout the repair work procedure for a cleaner appearance.

A customized blend of Corvette and Porsche reds was used with three layers of clear coat over the repaired panels. The finish still presents well and reveals a high total shine thanks to 26 years of covered garage storage. Flaws consist of periodic chips, a scratch and scrape detailed in the gallery, and swirl marks noticeable in intense light. Minimal trim appearances straight besides a bent headlight ring.

Unlike on some contemporary package cars and trucks, Kelmark supplied an externally-accessed trunk in between the interior and engine compartments, and standard doors were fitted with glass roll-down windows. A glass sunroof was added in the 1980s, and can be tilted open or entirely eliminated. A flush-mounted, lockable marine-style fuel filler cap consists of 2 secrets. Staggered ET turbine wheels are attached through five-bolt Chevrolet adapters and still wear their initial white-letter radials.

Material and vinyl upholstery reveals signs of use and fits loosely on the seats and rush pad. A blacked-out dash panel consists of a locking glove box along with vents for fresh air. The small-diameter “Formula 1” racing wheel remains in good condition and rests in front of simple Lucas rocker switches, one of which appears to have been replaced with a more recent product. Matching duration VDO “jet cockpit” determines show some hazing and consist of a speedometer changed in 1985 after the original stopped working. 28k miles are revealed, however the seller think s the vehicle to have about 51k miles.

The Volkswagen 1500cc single port flat-four is not presently running, however appears largely complete and turns freely since July inning accordance with the seller. The last service was a detailed tuneup in early 1990, and the seller suggests the fuel tank be flushed and brand-new filters set up if the motor is to be run again. The four-speed manual transmission is likewise Volkswagen-sourced. Fluid leak appears underneath and is said to originate mainly from around the engine’s pushrod tubes.

The cars and truck sits on a chassis from a 1969 Type 1 Beetle, which shows substantial corrosion and will need to be at least partly replaced inning accordance with the seller. A replacement pan is included for the rusted-through battery area. Front “select-a-drop” suspension and disc brakes were added in the 1980s.

Consisted of in the sale are an upkeep journal and receipts from the vehicle’s early days, along with other significant records. The seller states the cars and truck might take little work to get up and running, or would make a good prospect for transfer to a fresh chassis. The sale is because of an impending relocation, and a Wisconsin reconstructed title supposedly suggests the “custom-made built” replica status.

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