Electric Yarn Ball Winder

By | December 20, 2017

The Boye Electric Yarn Ball Winder is not a perfect option to winding yarn into center-pull balls with ease, however it may be a better option for some individuals and some situations. I wished to be able to advise this as a terrific way for people with arthritis and repetitive motion issues to be able to wind balls of yarn without much usage of their hands, but I was never ever able to get the winder to work effectively without feeding the yarn by hand a little bit.

Still, it does make faster work of yarn balls than making them by hand or using a crank winder, so it might be a good option for people who need to wind a great deal of yarn at one sitting or who are obsessive about working with center-pull balls.

Electric Yarn Ball Winder-White This machine is quick and hassle-free eliminate tedious hand winding and quickly wind hanks of yarn into center-pull skeins- This machine winds all sizes and weights of yarn- The Yarn Ball Winder includes a suction cup to securely attach it to work surface areas, adjustable speed, labor-saving motor that suggests less tension on your arms hands and wrists, develop flat bottom balls that stack nicely, rewind messy partial skeins into neat center-pull skeins and wind thin yarns together to develop customized sizes or colors, maker is light weight and compact so transportation and storage are easy

The Simplicity Boye Electric Yarn Ball Winder is something every crocheter desires. Don’t you ever get tangled mid project and after that you have to set your job down simply to determine ways to un-knot the yarn? It’s taken place to me before and it just uses up more of my time. This totally automated ball winder is fast and hassle-free. You can rule out hand winding from now on to give you less strain on your wrists and hands! This winder produces flat bottom balls that stack neatly, it quickly winds skeins of yarns into center-pulled skeins and it winds thin yarns together to create customized sizes or colors. Make this ball winder among the very best items you own!

This Yarn Ball Winder requires no setup, it’s simple to utilize and if you require a training video you can simply go to Simpleness’s website. It utilizes 120v a/c power so you don’t need to continuously alter the batteries.

– Electric yarn ball winder is a less labor intensive way to wind a ball from a hank or skein of yarn.
– Carrying handle makes it simple to carry, while a suction cup adds stability.
Adjustable power levels regulate how quickly the ball winds.

– Makes winding a center-pull ball much faster and easier.
– Lightweight and easy to carry wherever you should need it.
– Setting up yarn to be injury is quite instinctive once you’ve done it as soon as.
– Suction cup on base helps hold the device in place while winding.

– Feeding from a hank to the ball winder is not constantly that smooth.
– You may need to assist feed the yarn, which can put strain on your body.
– Appears to work better with lighter weight yarns.
– It’s loud, particularly when the yarn isn’t feeding well.

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